Mission Cyber Readiness

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Nova tests defenses at scale using automated adversary emulation to discover your mission’s exposure to global cyber threats.

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Automated Adversary Emulation

Nova leverages the latest techniques used by advanced persistent threats (APTs) to compromise defense and national security systems.

Nova executes dynamic attack scenarios to accurately mirror evolving adversary behavior. Testing results deliver a true understanding of how a mission may be impacted by realistic cyber threats.


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In a world where resources are constrained and time is of the essence, Nova cuts through the noise to identify the parts of your mission that are most vulnerable to adversary compromise.

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Nova for Software Factories

Nova uncovers vulnerabilities before they become exploitable. Learn how Nova integrates on-demand security testing into the software development lifecycle to secure applications before they’re deployed to support missions.

Hear it from our customers

"Since integration, Nova has reduced the human-in-the-loop pen test time sink for standard app delivery. This means we can deliver capabilities to production faster."

Chief Information Security Officer

DoD Software Factory

Trusted by the National Nuclear Security Agency.

Learn how the NNSA leverages Nova to drive cyber readiness at scale.

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Mission Engineering

We established Mission Engineering in recognition of the unique mission requirements our customers face.

We work directly with you to address existing and emergent needs through rapid capability delivery and dedicated support.

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