Rebellion Iris rapidly makes sense of the threat environment by analyzing multi-source data at speed.

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Battlespace Awareness at the Edge

Iris delivers real-time detection, tracking and autonomy capabilities by analyzing multi-source sensor data.

Our software deploys directly onboard any platform, manned or unmanned to deliver shared awareness and coordinated decision-making at the edge. Our Continuous Model Improvement (CMI) approach ensures platforms can rapidly learn and adapt to unknown threats in real-time and for post-mission analysis.

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Battle Management Optimization

Iris accelerates the mission execution cycle by automatically generating course of action recommendations.

Iris leverages data from dynamic priority lists, available capabilities, distribution of forces and more to deliver the optimal action plan for rapid decision-making in complex mission environments.

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Trusted by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Rebellion Defense proudly delivers software to stay ahead of adversaries across defense and national security missions for the US and Allies.

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Mission Engineering

We established Mission Engineering in recognition of the unique mission requirements our customers face.

We work directly with you to address existing and emergent needs through rapid capability delivery and dedicated support.


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