Battlespace Awareness at the Edge


Iris performs real-time detection, identification, tracking and future-state prediction capabilities. These insights are delivered at the point of decision — for platforms, systems and operations centers.

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Battlespace Awareness at the Edge

Iris fuses multi-modal, multi-domain data to produce high-fidelity entity identification and tracking. This information is shared real-time across all platforms and operations centers to deliver a shared understanding of the mission environment for enhanced decision-making and coordination.

Iris leverages state-of-the-art AI trajectory prediction methods to quickly find high-interest entities among cluttered environments for further investigation.

Our Continuous Model Improvement (CMI) approach ensures platforms can rapidly learn and adapt to threats in real-time and for post-mission analysis and training.

Mission Engineering

We established Mission Engineering in recognition of the unique mission requirements our customers face.

We work directly with you to address existing and emergent needs through rapid capability delivery and dedicated support.


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