Pricing Model

Nova’s pricing model includes configuration, deployment, usage, and customer success support.

Pricing is also inclusive of routine software updates for security, performance, usability, and new product features, and assumes deployment over one or a few large networks. Highly dispersed deployments across the enterprise may affect discounted pricing offered.


Nova Enterprise Networks Solution


Nova Software Factory Solution

Unlimited Testing, On-Demand

Our pricing methodology is based on the scope of your unclassified network(s) to maximize the value you receive for unlimited testing throughout the length of the contract. The pricing is segmented by the total number of network IPs identified prior to testing. The average annual price per IP significantly decreases as the number of IPs increases to deliver economies of scale for customers defending larger networks against attack, or customers who prefer to increase the scope of testing over time.* We will work with you to create custom pricing to produce the most favorable economies of scale for the government to deliver a scalable, enterprise-wide solution.

*Discounting is based on customer scaling from our base package of 5,000 IPs.

Our pricing includes dedicated services for initial product deployment and ongoing support from our Mission Success team.

Tailored Product Deployment

You will have a senior Technical Program Manager (TPM) working closely with your organization throughout the product deployment phase. Your TPM’s responsibility is to manage contractual commitments, deployment timelines, and risk mitigation throughout product deployment to ensure you quickly receive meaningful value from Nova.

Testing Optimization

You will have access to a Rebellion red-team operator who can perform an initial assessment of your cyber terrain and evaluate how to best leverage Nova’s adversarial capabilities to strengthen your defenses. Your red-team operator can help determine whether more bespoke Nova capabilities are required to deliver customized value for your mission.

Accreditation & Support Teams

You will also be supported by Rebellion teams dedicated to working alongside your organization to navigate complex certification and accreditation processes required for product deployment. Our support team will always be readily available to quickly respond to product support requests and resolve help tickets.

Mission Success Support

You will have a senior Mission Success Manager (MSM) working closely with your organization as the primary point of contact at Rebellion throughout the lifetime of your engagement with Rebellion. Your MSM is responsible for continuously driving product value for your mission by deeply understanding the context of daily mission operations, improving the user experience, and meeting your desired outcomes. Your MSM will also enable you through services such as providing user training, coordinating technical support, and leading general communication.