Washington, D.C.Feb 14, 2023 Business Wire

Rebellion Defense, which builds mission-focused software products for the defense and national security of the United States and its allies, today announced that SOFWERX has awarded a contract to expand the use of Rebellion Nova software. The contract follows a successful technical exchange where Rebellion demonstrated Nova’s unique ability to surface and contextualize cyber risk.

SOFWERX, a public-private technology innovator, partners with non-traditional companies like Rebellion to solve U.S. Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) most challenging problems. Through the powerful combination of Nova’s automated adversary emulation and vulnerability prioritization, SOFWERX will uncover network weaknesses that have the greatest mission consequence before adversaries can exploit them.

“As cyber attacks increase in sophistication and frequency, software is the key to securing cyber terrain at scale. Nova transforms defense operations by bringing adversarial testing in-house so organizations can do more with less, and more importantly, faster and better,” said Chris Lynch, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rebellion Defense. “This partnership accelerates the delivery of Nova’s capabilities to SOFWERX, as well as our goal to bring it to the broader DoD.”

Nova is Rebellion’s flagship cyber readiness product. It goes beyond traditional test simulation by deploying active testing that mirrors the behaviors of sophisticated, nation-state actors to deliver a true understanding of how cyber defenses stand against adversarial attack. In contrast to a typical vulnerability assessment, Nova determines whether a vulnerability is actually exploitable, and if it can be used by adversaries to compromise an organization’s data and assets.

“Rebellion Nova allows SOFWERX to leverage the latest insights and experience of red team operators to thoroughly evaluate our cyber defenses at will,” said Landon Braye, SOFWERX Network Security Engineer. “Rebellion’s software platform provides active testing, which provides a clear understanding of our network vulnerabilities. Nova enables SOFWERX to make informed decisions, bolster our network defenses, and strengthen the cybersecurity posture of our company.”

SOFWERX is a platform established under a Partnership Intermediary Agreement between USSOCOM and DEFENSEWERX to help USSOCOM solve challenging warfighter problems. SOFWERX is a public facing emissary that facilitates collaboration, innovation, prototyping and exploration with industry, labs, academia, and government stakeholders.

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