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Washington, D.C.Mar 20, 2023 BusinessWire

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mar 20, 2023. Rebellion Defense, which builds the modern mission stack to detect and deter adversaries, today announced that the U.K. Ministry of Defence awarded a contract for Rebellion Defense Iris Extract to accelerate end-to-end data extraction, ingestion, processing, and analysis.

“Rebellion Defense is a critical addition to the defence technology eco-system in the U.K. and brings next generation software capabilities and working practices onto the pitch,” said Charles Forte, Chief Information Officer at the U.K. Ministry of Defence. “Rebellion's leadership and the partnership with the U.K. Ministry of Defence is putting cutting edge technology into the hands of users to make mission decisions at the speed of relevance.”

Chris Lynch, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rebellion Defense, said: “We are proud to support the U.K. Ministry of Defence in achieving decision advantage on the battlefield. Today, the sheer amount of data across domains makes human processing and analysis at scale nearly impossible. Rebellion Defense software cuts through the noise so analysts and decision makers can glean insights and do what they do best – outpace adversaries and deliver results where it matters most."

Rebellion Defense Iris is a suite of capabilities for comprehensive battlespace awareness. It is built to accelerate the warfighter’s ability to conduct data analysis at machine speed in contested environments. Rebellion Defense Iris Extract delivers unique operational insights from the most challenging datasets to make informed decisions, faster.

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Rebellion Defense builds the modern mission stack for detecting and deterring adversaries at scale.

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